Descendants of John Gibbs

Generation No. 1


      1.  John1 Gibbs was born 09 Sep 1651 in Marlborough, Devon, England, and died Unknown.

Children of John Gibbs are:

+     2              i.   Nicholas2 Gibbs, born Abt. 1680; died Unknown.

       3              ii.   Sampson Gibbs, born 08 Nov 1689; died Unknown.  He married Mary //; died Unknown.

More About Sampson Gibbs: Christening: Chivelstone, Devon, England

       4             iii.   Philip Gibbs, born 11 Apr 1696; died Unknown.


Generation No. 2


      2.  Nicholas2 Gibbs (John1) was born Abt. 1680, and died Unknown.  He married Honour //.  She was born Abt. 1690, and died Unknown.

More About Honour //: Christening: Chivelstone, Devon, England

Children of Nicholas Gibbs and Honour // are:

       5              i.   Thomas3 Gibbs, born 08 Jul 1716; died Abt. 1718.

More About Thomas Gibbs: Christening: Totnes, Devon, England

+     6              ii.   Mary Gibbs, born 31 Aug 1719; died Unknown.

       7             iii.   Nicholas Gibbs, born 1720; died Unknown.  He married Hannah //; died Unknown.

+     8             iv.   Thomas Gibbs, born 08 Sep 1723 in Chivelstone, Devon, Engalnd; died 16 Jan 1807 in Shindle Mill, Kingsbridge, Devon, England.

+     9              v.   John Gibbs, born 17 Jun 1726; died Unknown.

       10           vi.   Philip Gibbs, born 20 Jul 1729; died 30 Nov 1800.  He married Catherine //; died Unknown.

 Notes for Philip Gibbs: References provided by Adella McKay. 

There is some material on file for this Philip who was pastor of Howe Street Baptist Church in Plymouth, Devon, England. The church was established by the Dissenters in 1640, and another the same year in Kingsbridge, seven years after the first Baptist Church of this order was founded in London.  The oldest church of this order was at Dartmouth, Devon, England dating from 1600. The rise of this religious group was a reaction to the return of Roman Catholicism and the persecution of non-Catholics in the reign of Charles I. Leaders of this movement include John Bunyan, John Milton and Daniel Defoe, author of "Robinson Crusoe".

This Philip Gibbs was baptized by the zealous preacher, Crispin Curtis, in Kingsbridge, 1745, even though the family belonged to the Church of England before then. The story is as follows: "A Mrs. Pettyjohn called on him and invited him to hear the wonderful preacher. He got on the back of her horse and went at once to hear George Whitfield, whom he found preaching in a field at Kinsbridge where the Old Quay House now stands, and being of small stature, he got up into an elm tree. Whitfield's text was, 'Dost thou believe in the Son of God?' Philip said later, 'I was filled with astonishment at the man, and had a clearer sense of sin, of the evil of sin, then I had ever known before....I threw myself, as a poor sinner, upon the Son of God for mercy and salvation. At this time I was about thirteen and a half years old.' A few days later, Whitfield said, 'At Kingsbridge I preached to many thousands a few days ago....One young man, who was then called, is since a preacher. He was in a tree, partly to ridicule me. I spoke to him to imitate Zaccheus, to come down and receive the Lord Jesus...'" This story is in a book owned by Mr. Pedlar at Baronswood, near Exeter, Devonshire, "Kingsbridge and its Neighbourhood 1864" by S. P. Fox.

Philip Gibbs worked as a tailor when a young man as did Crispin Curtis, and preached at Chivelstone, Ford and Portlemouth. Then in 1749, he was ordained pastor of the George Street Church (previously Howe Street or Pig Market).

Philip, like Curtis, was the first of the Gibbs to be buried at Venn Churchyard, which was land donated by a Dissenter about 1710 for burial in peace of those who were refused burial in consecrated ground because they were not christened in the Church of England. An early grave is that of Thomas Dunsford, a son of Martyn Dunsford, whose family funded the Meeting House at Kingsbridge. This family was that of Mary Dunsford, who was the mother of Mary Nicholson. Mary married this Philip's nephew, also a Philip (b. 1759). The Venn yard does not have markers, since markers were not accepted by the faithful, however, the first burial was in 1711.

In his will, proved on 20 March 1801, Rev. Philip Gibbs of Plymouth, Devonshire, Dissenting Minister, mentions "wife Catherine, nephew John Alleon of Plymouth, Samuel Newcomen Gibbs and Hannah Gibbs, now wife of William Prane, and his nephews Philip Gibbs and Thomas Gibbs". (From LDS: FHC 930803, Corvallis; film 1473401)

More About Philip Gibbs: Christening: Chivelstone, Devon, England


Generation No. 3


      6.  Mary3 Gibbs (Nicholas2, John1) was born 31 Aug 1719, and died Unknown.  She married // Alleon.  He was born in Plymouth, Devon, England, and died Unknown.

More About Mary Gibbs: Christening: Chivelstone, Devon, England

Child of Mary Gibbs and // Alleon is:

       11             i.   John4 Alleon, died Unknown.


      8.  Thomas3 Gibbs (Nicholas2, John1) was born 08 Sep 1723 in Chivelstone, Devon, Engalnd, and died 16 Jan 1807 in Shindle Mill, Kingsbridge, Devon, England.  He married Elizabeth Hewitt 1749 in Dodbrooke Mills, Kingsbridge, Devon, England.  She died 26 Nov 1797 in Shindle Mill, Kingsbridge, Devon, England.

More About Thomas Gibbs and Elizabeth Hewitt: Marriage: 1749, Dodbrooke Mills, Kingsbridge, Devon, England.  

Children of Thomas Gibbs and Elizabeth Hewitt are:

+     12             i.   Joyce4 Gibbs, born 15 Nov 1752; died Unknown.

+     13            ii.   Honour Gibbs, born 06 Mar 1754; died 04 Mar 1779.

+     14           iii.   Nicholas Gibbs, born 28 Jan 1756; died 11 Jul 1790.

+     15           iv.   Thomas Gibbs, born 02 Nov 1757; died 26 Feb 1782.

+     16            v.   Philip Gibbs, born 20 Jul 1759 in Shindle Mills (Devonshire), England; died 28 Sep 1835 in St. James Parish, Taunton, Somerset County, England.


      9.  John3 Gibbs (Nicholas2, John1) was born 17 Jun 1726, and died Unknown.  He married Dorothy //.  She died Unknown.

More About John Gibbs: Christening: Chivelstone, Devon, England

Child of John Gibbs and Dorothy // is:

       17             i.   Philip4 Gibbs, born 07 Sep 1760; died Unknown.

More About Philip Gibbs: Christening: West Anstery, Devon, England


Generation No. 4


      12.  Joyce4 Gibbs (Thomas3, Nicholas2, John1) was born 15 Nov 1752, and died Unknown.  She married // Davie.  He died Unknown.

Children of Joyce Gibbs and // Davie are:

       18             i.   Philip Gibbs5 Davie, born Abt. 1775; died Unknown.

       19            ii.   Catherine Davie, born Abt. 1780; died Unknown.


      13.  Honour4 Gibbs (Thomas3, Nicholas2, John1) was born 06 Mar 1754, and died 04 Mar 1779.  She married William Eavens 24 Oct 1773.  He died Unknown.

More About William Eavens and Honour Gibbs: Marriage: 24 Oct 1773  

Child of Honour Gibbs and William Eavens is:

       20             i.   Jemima5 Eavens, born 26 Jan 1777; died Unknown.


      14.  Nicholas4 Gibbs (Thomas3, Nicholas2, John1) was born 28 Jan 1756, and died 11 Jul 1790.  He married Hannah Newcomen 13 Jul 1784 in Kingsbridge, Devon, England.  She was born in Kingsbridge, Devon, England, and died Unknown.

More About Nicholas Gibbs and Hannah Newcomen: Marriage: 13 Jul 1784, Kingsbridge, Devon, England

Children of Nicholas Gibbs and Hannah Newcomen are:

+     21             i.   Samuel Newcomen5 Gibbs, born 26 Sep 1786; died Unknown.

       22            ii.   Thomas Gibbs, born Abt. 1788; died Unknown.

+     23           iii.   Honour Gibbs, born Abt. 1790; died Unknown.


      15.  Thomas4 Gibbs (Thomas3, Nicholas2, John1) was born 02 Nov 1757, and died 26 Feb 1782.  He married Jane //.  She died Unknown.

Children of Thomas Gibbs and Jane // are:

       24             i.   William5 Gibbs, born 29 Dec 1780; died Unknown.

Note provided by Adella McKay.

A descendent of William Gibbs has a watch inscribed on the works with this name. It is surmised he may have been a watchmaker in Kingsbridge, Devon, England.

       25            ii.   Nicholas Gibbs, born 1781; died Unknown.

       26           iii.   Honour Gibbs, born 09 Aug 1782; died Unknown.  She married John Harris 1801 in Kingsbridge, Devon, England; died Unknown.

More About John Harris and Honour Gibbs: Marriage: 1801, Kingsbridge, Devon, England


      16.  Philip4 Gibbs (Thomas3, Nicholas2, John1) was born 20 Jul 1759 in Shindle Mills (Devonshire), England, and died 28 Sep 1835 in St. James Parish, Taunton, Somerset County, England.  He married Mary Nicholson 29 Mar 1791, daughter of Joseph Nicholson and Mary Dunsford.  She was born 14 Jun 1767 in Kingsbridge (Devonshire), England, and died 29 Mar 1837 in St. James Parish, Taunton, Somerset County, England.

Notes for Philip Gibbs: References provided by Adella McKay.

Philip (baptized August 23, 1759) was a currier by trade (i.e. tanner). He was born at Shindle Mills the year of the battle on the Plains of Abraham, and he lived through the American and French Revolutions' and the period marking the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. This change in the economy caused drastic changes in the old agricultural way of life and this Philip was the last of his family to know the yeoman's landed gentry lifestyle.

Philip may have been born in Taunton Somerset or at Dodbrooke Mills (just north of Shindle Mills) but raised his family Shindle Mills. Philip and his wife went to live in the village of Broadway at Taunton, Somerset in St. James Parish with their daughter Elizabeth before he died. At Taunton, in 1834, Philip wrote his will. He and his wife, as well as, most other family members up to the mid 1800's, at least, were buried at Venn Churchyard to the west of Kingsbridge at East Allington, near Modbury, where Dissenters were buried (including the Gibbs and Nicholsons) since the Church of England did not allow non-conformists on "sacred" ground.

In his will Philip left to his wife, "all his household goods, furniture, plate, china, glass, books, wines and liquors and the best bed." To his son, Benjamin, he left an annuity and his second best bed (in some of Benjamin's ramblings, possessed by Adella McKay, he relates a dream which includes this bed). To his sons Philip, Thomas and John he left 35 pounds.

More About Philip Gibbs: Baptism: 23 Aug 1759

Notes for Mary Nicholson:  References provided by Adella McKay and "All the Journey Through", C. Blackstock.

Mary Nicholson (1760-March 29,1837) married Philip Gibbs on March 29, 1791 at Kingsbridge Baptist Church. Her parents were Joseph Nicholson, a Baptist minister at the parish church in Kingsbridge and Mary Dunsford of Dunsford (a heraldry), a fervent Baptist. Joseph was descended from William Nicholson, and Elizabeth Trosse who were married at St. Stephens, South Huish, Devonshire, England on April 7, 1724.

The early Nicholsons left the Isle of Skye in Scotland in the late 1600's, where they were involved in a long history of dissenting religious and political movements. Some were fined for harboring Quakers in the reign of James I of England (and VI of Scotland) who followed Elizabeth I. Some of the family were imprisoned and drawn-and-quartered for their part in the Monmouth Rebellion.

From Blackstock's account, when Philip and Mary moved from the mill and settled in the village of Broadway in Somerset, near Taunton, "Mary rejoiced that it had an Independent meeting-house."

Mary's brother, Benjamin Nicholson was a tradesman at Devenport (outside Plymouth) and a deacon at the Howe Street Baptist Church. Presumably the connection between Mary and Philip was made through this church, his uncle, Philip Gibbs, being pastor there. Certainly from the information on file, in books of her son Benjamin Gibbs, her will and writings, Mary was a zealot and passed it on to her son Benjamin.

The Will of Mary Gibbs states: "I give and bequeath to my son Philip Gibbs my family Bible which was given me by my late father Joseph Nicholson. To my son Benjamin I give my smaller Bible and Romaines Commentary on the Psalm. I give and bequeath to him also William Jones, "History of the Christian Church" Benjamin having informed me that his father gave it him but Benjamin lent it me since his death. and as to all other my goods chattels, effects, or Estate furniture plate, books etc. I give and Bequeath to James Dore Blake, Taunton to pay expense of sickness funeral etc. my furniture he may dispose of for that purpose if he chose for I make him my sole executor and residuary Legatee and I Mary Gibbs of Taunton hereby publish and declare this to be my last will and Testament this thirtieth day of January 1837." Witnessed by A. Mallett and S. White.

More About Philip Gibbs and Mary Nicholson: Marriage: 29 Mar 1791

Children of Philip Gibbs and Mary Nicholson are:

       27             i.   Nicholas5 Gibbs, born 21 Jan 1792; died 1803 in Shindle Mill, Devon, England.

+     28            ii.   Philip Gibbs, born 30 Jul 1793 in Shindle Mill, Kingsbridge, Devon, England; died 04 Nov 1868 in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

+     29           iii.   Thomas Nicholson Gibbs, born 1794 in Shindle Mill, Kingsbridge, Devon, England; died 11 Feb 1871 in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

+     30           iv.   Mary Gibbs, born 25 Jan 1795 in Shindle Mill, Kingsbridge, Devon, England; died 1825.

+     31            v.   John Gibbs, born 1796 in Shindle Mill, Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England; died 1866.

+     32           vi.   Elizabeth Gibbs, born Abt. 1798 in Shindle Mill, Kingsbridge, Devon, England; died Unknown in Taunton, Somerset, England.

       33           vii.   Benjamin Gibbs, born 1800 in Shindle Mill, Kingsbridge, Devon, England; died 1868 in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada West.

Notes for Benjamin Gibbs: Reference provided by Adella McKay.

Benjamin (1801-Mar. 1868) was very close to his mother and one sister, Elizabeth. Benjamin was apprenticed to a confectioner but broke the contract. The court proceedings greatly distressed his family, especially as they seemed to always be on the brink of destitution. His mother died in 1837 and his father had left an allowance for him in his will (1835). Obviously, Benjamin went to Canada after his mother (and probably, after his sister Elizabeth) died to stay near the family , since he was a bachelor and unable to support himself. He also wrote a great deal, with his writings including many recipes and drawings along the line of William Blake. His mother Mary worried constantly about him saying, "He is a poor, weak-minded young man, stronger in body than he was in mind but as to religious affairs to be given over to fanaticism, carried about with every wind of doctrine, very unsettled, appears to gain no ground in temporals or spirituals." He tried to make a living in Devon peddling wares, then married (an experiment of brief duration) then moved to Canada in 1857 via the United States where he worked with John unsuccessfully. In Ontario, he worked as a baker in Brooklin, north of Whitby for a year or so, then lived in a room on Simcoe Street South in Oshawa.

The ramblings of Benjamin (in some scribblings of recipes, diary and art) indicate he had some psychiatric problems. He was obviously very intelligent, educated and religious, but the writing is mostly incoherent, full of emotional suffering.

       34          viii.   Catherine Gibbs, born Abt. 1802; died Bef. 1830.

Notes for Catherine Gibbs: Reference provided by Adella McKay from "All the Journey Through" by C. Blackstock

The book, mentioned above, states that Catherine was "a chronic invalid in body and mind, unable to care for herself, frequently unmanageable and at times forcibly restrained, as recommended by the doctor."

       35           ix.   Joseph Gibbs, born Abt. 1804 in Devon, England; died 1826 in Devon, England.

Notes for Joseph Gibbs: Reference provides by Adella McKay.

Joseph worked in a shop in Devon, then set out on his own in ironmongery and married a woman from Abergavenny in Monmouthshire. Two years later he was bankrupted and died of TB (orb pneumonia after a cold he caught while selling off his stock in 1826.)


Generation No. 5


      21.  Samuel Newcomen5 Gibbs (Nicholas4, Thomas3, Nicholas2, John1) was born 26 Sep 1786, and died Unknown.  He married Prudence Coward.  She died Unknown.

More About Samuel Newcomen Gibbs: Christening: Howe Street Baptist Church, Plymouth, Devon, England    

Child of Samuel Gibbs and Prudence Coward is:

       36             i.   Frederick Weymouth6 Gibbs, born 1821; died Unknown.


      23.  Honour5 Gibbs (Nicholas4, Thomas3, Nicholas2, John1) was born Abt. 1790, and died Unknown.  She married // Reed.  He died Unknown.

Children of Honour Gibbs and // Reed are:

       37             i.   Philip Gibbs6 Reed, born Abt. 1820; died Unknown.

       38            ii.   Catherine Reed, died Unknown.

       39           iii.   Eliza Reed, died Unknown.


      28.  Philip5 Gibbs (Philip4, Thomas3, Nicholas2, John1) was born 30 Jul 1793 in Shindle Mill, Kingsbridge, Devon, England, and died 04 Nov 1868 in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.  He married Elizabeth Wills 29 Jul 1833 in Shindle Mill, Kingsbridge, Devon, England.  She was born Oct 1807 in England, and died 16 Jun 1845 in Shindle Mill, Kingsbridge, Devon, England.

Notes for Philip Gibbs: References provided by Adella McKay, Toronto, Canada.

"There is much detail about this particular generation's family and life in England, Upper and Lower Canada (especially Oshawa and Toronto) in the nineteenth century in the book, 'All the Journey Through' written by Cecily Blackstock (University of Toronto Press, 1997). Cecily is a descendant of Philip's nephew, T. N. Gibbs, who was the first Gibbs of the family moving to Canada. The book is based mainly on letters from Mary Nicholson Gibbs to her family in Canada and speaks openly of the mental health problems of family members, especially Philip's brothers John and Benjamin, his sister Catherine, and even himself." The following notes were extracted from this book.

The son of Philip Gibbs (1759-1835) and Mary Nicholson, this Philip was the only one of three Philips who survived. Philip's date of birth is unknown, but he was baptized July 30, 1793 at Shindle Mills, England and died November 4, 1868 in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. The year of his birth, 1793, was the year Philip's father tool over the property/farm at Shindle Mills (Muchamores Land), 2 miles south of Kingsbridge.

Philip was born at Shindle Mills in Devon, married his house servant, Elizabeth Wills at Kingsbridge on July 29, 1833, a month after their son, Philip Howard Gibbs, was born. The children were delivered by Mrs. Toms, midwife of Kingsbridge (who is buried at Dodbrooke Church in the town of Kingsbridge). Elizabeth had been a servant in the Gibbs' home. Philip began as a miller on his father's property but never applied himself to the work and his father leased-out the mill ,under his son's nose, when he retired. However, the rent was never paid by the miller, a John Tucker from the 1851 census. Meanwhile, according to the 1851 census, Philip and his family lived at 43 Fore Street where he was schoolmaster in his own 'free' school, with his eldest son Philip Howard Gibbs, an Attorney's Clerk, Thomas Wills, an agricultural laborer (perhaps a brother of Elizabeth), and his other children, Nicholas and Mary who were students. For a few years he tutored his nephew, Thomas Nicholson Gibbs, who was sent to him from Canada by his brother Thomas. Life on the land was very difficult in those times due to the impact of the Industrial Revolution on small land owners and for a living, they tended to turn to other work or emigration. Philip began preparations for Canada by learning mapping and surveying before he emigrated to Canada.

After his wife's death, Philip emigrated to Canada with his daughter, Mary Elizabeth in 1859. She was 19 and he was 66 years old. Philip's school closed about 1853 and became part of St. Edmunds. He sold the property at Shindle Mills and emigrated to Canada following his brothers Thomas, John and Benjamin (1855-56) and his son Philip Howard, who went to Canada in 1858. (Brother Nicholas was at sea sailing with the Merchant Marines out of Liverpool and while the Gillards had considered it, they did not move to Canada.) Philip and Mary Elizabeth sailed from Plymouth for Quebec on the "Cap Rouge" on April 15, 1859 for 10 pounds and arrived on May 20, 1859. They then proceeded by steamer to Montreal, on to Port Darlington (near Courtice), then by train to Oshawa. This part of the trip lasted four days. Philip arrived with all of his books and papers. Due to his interest in study, Philip had a broad range of academic interests. He studied Greek, Latin, Hebrew, English and Arabic astronomy and was also interested in homeopathic medicine, which he used to treat his daughter, Mary Elizabeth. However, according to Blackstock's book, he talked a lot more than he acted, had a volatile temper, and was cantankerous and plaintive, though loyal to the family. Philip lived with his son Thomas and daughter Mary at 10 Athol Street in Oshawa and died there. When Mary married, Thomas moved to Toronto.

More About Philip Gibbs: Baptism: 30 Jul 1793, Shindle Mills, Devon, England

Notes for Elizabeth Wills: References provided by Adella McKay, Toronto, Canada.

Nothing is known about Elizabeth, except that she died of "pleurisy, dropsy and pneumonia" in 1845, shortly after her last child was born. She was buried at Venn Churchyard in East Allington, Devon, England. The fact that the names in the Gibbs family tend to be passed on, it is likely that Howard (which was passed on to the next generation as well by her son Philip Howard) and possibly James and/or Hahnemann may have been names from her family, since they are not known to be in the Gibbs line. There was also a Thomas Wills in the census of 1851, listed in the home as an agricultural labourer-prehaps a brother of Elizabeth or another family member.

More About Philip Gibbs and Elizabeth Wills: Marriage: 29 Jul 1833, Shindle Mill, Kingsbridge, Devon, England

Children of Philip Gibbs and Elizabeth Wills are:

       40             i.   Philip Howard6 Gibbs, born 06 Jul 1833 in Shindle Mills, Kingsbridge, Devon, England; died 13 Jul 1877 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  He married Sarah Isabella Horne 1854 in Devon, England; born 07 Dec 1836 in Devon, England; died Aft. 1901 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Notes for Philip Howard Gibbs: References provided by Adella McKay, Toronto, Canada.

Philip Howard Gibbs moved to Oshawa, Canada after landing in Philadelphia, Penn. on October 22, 1856, followed by his wife, Sarah Isabella Douglas who arrived in Quebec, Canada in October, 1857 with their two sons, Philip Howard (1855 - August 1885) and Alfred Nicholson (1857). He was a manager of Ontario Bank of Toronto (Hayden Street). His home or work address in 1862 was 146 Strachan Street. This son was "gifted", as were several other members with a range of eclectic/eccentric interests, including exotic birds, which he exhibited, books, and religion. Philip Howard, according to Blackstock's book, travelled all over with his collection of prize birds, then gave them all up in order to concentrate entirely on business and religion. Through all this and his rapidly growing family, his health seems to have been precarious and Blackstock includes an account of "another operation" in which he suffered terribly at the end of the sixties.

Since little is known of his mother's (Elizabeth Wills) family, the name Howard may well have been her mother's name.

Notes for Sarah Isabella Horne: References provided by Adella McKay, Toronto, Canada.

Sarah left Kingsbridge for Canada, October 5, 1857 on the steamer "North American", and arrived in Quebec, October 20 and in Oshawa on October 22, with her two eldest sons.

More About Philip Gibbs and Sarah Horne: Marriage: 1854, Devon, England

       41            ii.   Thomas Wills Gibbs, born 23 Dec 1834 in Shindle Mills, Kingsbridge, Devon, England; died 08 Apr 1912 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Notes for Thomas Wills Gibbs: References provided by Adella McKay, Toronto, Canada.

"Uncle Tom", an eccentric like several of his relatives, was a miller in Devon, England and emigrated to Canada in October, 1855 via New York City, New York. He was a storekeeper on Simcoe Street in Oshawa (sold in 1933). Tom was a bachelor and lived for a time with his sister, Mary Elizabeth and father in Oshawa at 10 Athol Street. Near the end of his life he moved to Toronto, where he died at the age of 70 in a rooming house. The naming pattern in this family suggests that Elizabeth Wills' father was Thomas Wills and that the same name in the person living in the family in the 1841 census was her brother.

       42           iii.   Nicholas Nicholson Gibbs, born 03 Apr 1838 in Shindle Mills, Kingsbridge, Devon, England; died 1897 in Brighton, England.  He married Ellen Baguley 25 May 1865 in St. Bride's, Liverpool, England; died Unknown.

 Notes for Nicholas Nicholson Gibbs: References provided by Adella McKay, Toronto, Canada.

Nicholas died in the Sailors' Home in Brighton, England. Aunt Jessie saw him there in 1897 when he had gangrene in both big toes. Nicholas Nicholson was in the Merchant Marines and the Commander of the Merchant Marine ship "Asia" which sailed between India and Liverpool. There is a record of his leaving Kingsbridge on the "Tay of Whitby" for Fleetwood in April,1857, leaving Liverpool on the "Pickwick" under Master Farley for Valpariso on August 24, 1857, leaving Liverpool in August 1857 for Santiago and again on the "Sultan" in Jue 1858, in Bolivia in April 1859 (address GPO, Valpariso, Chile, South America) and in 1861 he was living at "Mr. Bastard's" 25 Mercers Court, Red Cross Street, Liverpool, England.

Nicholas married Ellen Baguley in Liverpool in 1865, but was always at sea. Part of a letter to his father, dated May 22, 1867, when he was Captain of the ship "Asia", Nicholas indicates that he was fond of his father, but found him to be difficult. 

More About Nicholas Gibbs and Ellen Baguley: Marriage: 25 May 1865, St. Bride's, Liverpool, England


       43           iv.   Mary Elizabeth Gibbs, born 28 Jun 1840 in Shindle Mills, Kingsbridge, Devon, England; died 02 Jun 1910 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  She married Donald (Daniel) Haggart McKay 18 Aug 1870 in Westminster Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; born 21 Feb 1847 in Blairlogie, Logie, Perthshire, Scotland; died 13 Oct 1911 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Notes for Mary Elizabeth Gibbs: References provided by Adella McKay, Toronto, Canada.

Mary arrived in Oshawa, Canada with her father Philip in 1859, when she was 19 and he was 66, to join relatives after her mother and young siblings died. Her grandson, WG McKay, copied the following from a diary of her trip to Canada:

March 21, 1859 - Monday. Left Kingsbridge for Plymouth. Had rather a pleasant ride except two hail storms.

Thursday which day walked out in the morning and evening merely to see the town.

Tuesday. Went out on the (Plymouth) Hoe to see the breakwater.

Wednesday. Took the bus to Devenport and steamer up the river to Thenar to Saltash; obtained permission and walked across the royal Albert or tubular suspension bridge, took the steamer back to north corner landing place at Devenport, walked into Plymouth and dined with cousin Mrs. L...

also took tea Thursday morning, walked out to see the garrison. On returning I called to see my dear friend Miss the afternoon and in the evening walked to Stone house and saw the marine barracks, walked back to York Street and took tea, went in the evening with my dear friend Miss T to a prayer meeting.

Friday. Stayed indoors until after tea there to be walked to Barley....

Saturday. In the afternoon walked with Louise K... A

Sunday. Went to the Baptist Chapel in George St. and in the afternoon went to the old church with friend, took tea and went to church again in the evening with Louise Sharkley (?).

Monday. Rain. Crossed in ferry to Mount Edgecombe in the afternoon and went to a ruin of an old castle.

Crossed from Mount Edgecombe to Devenport and walked from Devon to Plymouth.

Tuesday. Took tea at Mrs. Phelix?

Wednesday. chatted with cousin E. T.

Thursday. father taken poorly in face

Friday (two weeks later). father recovered and left on Cap Rouge 15 April 1859. Had good passage and reached America May 20. Left Quebec next day in steamer Quebec for Montreal, stayed in Montreal Sunday and took steamer to Darlington on Wednesday, took train at Bowmanville for Oshawa. Spent two or three miserable weeks at PH (Philip Howard Gibbs?) and the only pleasant time in Canada at the lake shore.

More About Donald McKay and Mary Gibbs: Marriage: 18 Aug 1870, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

       44            v.   Caroline Gillard Gibbs, born 23 Jun 1842 in Shindle Mills, Kingsbridge, Devon, England; died 16 Jun 1849 in Shindle Mills, Kingsbridge, Devon, England.

Notes for Caroline Gillard Gibbs: References provided by Adella McKay, Toronto, Canada. Caroline Gillard was presumably named after the child of Philip's sister, Mary, one Caroline Gillard who perhaps died, too. This child died of "erysipelas in the head" - a severe strep infection

       45           vi.   James Hahnemann Gibbs, born 29 Nov 1844 in Shindle Mills, Kingsbridge, Devon, England; died 16 Aug 1845 in Shindle Mills, Devon, England.

Notes for James Hahnemann Gibbs: References provided by Adella McKay, Toronto, Canada. James Hahnemann was sent to the country to a wet nurse as a baby, due to his mother's illness and died of measles two months after his mother's death.



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